Time for a Change

Time changes all of us slowly and almost imperceptibly. How I approach my photography has changed slowly over time. I have also changed as time passes. So I have decided that PhotoZen needs to evolve to represent that change. I know it is time for a change.

The catalyst was when I looked at my PhotoZen website and thought, “I Can Do Much Better than this.” So I Deleted the old website and started fresh. That was a hard decision to make but a necessary one.

A new PhotoZen, Time for a Change.

Now for the excitement of creation, starting from scratch lets one see with a new perspective. So I asked myself, what will PhotoZen be about now? The answer was simple, a blogging website or, as I am calling it, a Journaling website.

I will share my journey as I embrace the changes in perception that my evolving view of the world is showing me. That sounds deep, and perhaps it will prove to be.

Every website needs to be looked at and assessed annually, and every artist must look at their art occasionally to see how it has evolved. So today, I am looking at both.

As I write this, the new PhotoZen website still needs to be completed. But it does look promising. The creation process is always exciting.

So what about my photography?

That is a great question, indeed. How has my relationship with photography and art changed in the past few years? I am unsure I can answer that, but there has been a change. The great thing is that I can explore and discover where this artistic journey will take me.

Have you ever felt compelled to let go of who you thought you were only to embrace who you may become? Letting go is a great challenge for the creative person who may get stuck with one way of thinking. It is time to get unstuck.

So here is a bit of my current project.

Going back to my roots, Black and White Photography but with a modern twist. But of course, this process may not seem like letting go, but in many ways, it is. By revisiting the old ways with new intent, there will be a slowing down, a more systematic process in creating images. With this slower process, there will be revelations as well.

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